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[FIC] In Small Packages - merrypaws
[FIC] In Small Packages
Title:  In Small Packages
Fandom:  Transformers
Warnings:  Written directly into the LJ submission field, on a laptop with a broken 'c'-key, of all things. Also, OCs.
Summary:You wouldn't think that someone like Bumblebee would be such an accomplished spy. But few bots know that he gets a 'little' help...

Response to a bunny in the Transformers Bunny Farm. (Warning, the bunny will spoil the story)

"Hurry it up, Lenz!"

"I'm working as fast as I can, here! Just keep watch and stop bothering me!" the grey mech snapped at his companion, servos flying frantically over the keyboard.

The teal and lavender femme huffed at the other and turned back to peer around the corner only to freeze as approaching footsteps and low voices reached her audios.

"Someone's coming!"


Scrapper looked up as his companion suddenly stopped in mid-step.

"Hook? Is something wrong?"

"I heard something."

He walked up to a nearby door and tapped the keypad to open it, revealing one of the base's smaller science labs, and peered through the open doorway. Not a single bot in sight, just the quiet hum of various machines in stand-by mode. He scratched his helm.

"I could have sworn..." He took a disbelieving half-step inside, but none of the furniture or equipment in the room were big enough or positioned in a way that would provide any cover for a hiding spy.

"Getting paranoid, are we?" Scrapper cackled. "Are you gonna be running down the corridor screaming and flailing like that glitched security 'Bot, soon?."

"Oh, stick it." Hook grumbled and jabbed at the controls to close the door.

As the footsteps of the constructicons faded, the door of a supply cabinet slowly slid open and a blue optic peered out through the crack.

"All clear, Focus."

"Good. Now finish copying those files so we can get out of here!"

"Nag, nag, nag."


"Hey, Bee, you're back early! Did everything go alright?"

"Hi Jazz." The yellow mini greeted his commanding officer with a sunny grin. "Yeah, there was only a little snag with some of the 'Cons having a brawl party in the corridor I usually use to sneak in, but it turned out to work well as a distraction. I'll give you a full report later."

"And the files on their new security system?"

Bumblebee tapped one finger on his chest plate and his grin turned just a touch devious. "Safe and sound."

Jazz returned the grin in kind. "That's good. I'll see you at the debriefing then."


"What the FRAG?"

Sideswipe turned to look at his brother and blinked. It wasn't exactly unusual to see Sunstreaker snarling at people or things that somehow provoked his ire, but this had to be the first time the red twin had seen him glaring murderously at his art supplies, of all things.


"Someone's been messing with my paints!"

Another blink. "Huh?"

"Look!" Sunstreaker grabbed the box and showed it in his brother's face, pointing at the bottles set neatly into their own slots. "Someone has switched mauve and lavender!"

Well, he was certainly getting a lot of practice blinking, today. "You mean that pink and the light purple next to it?" Then, ignoring the frustrated noise from his brother, he carried on: "Couldn't you have done it yourself by mistake?"

"Not possible. I always check my paints before I start a new project to make sure they're all in the right places. What would happen if I accidentally snagged the wrong color and smeared it all over the canvas?"

"Probably bad things, knowing you."

With that, Sideswipe got on his pedes and stretched. "Well, as fascinating as this Paint Mystery is, I think I'm gonna catch the late night movie. You coming?"

The yellow twin grumbled something about not recognizing art if it bit him on the aft, but followed.

The trip to the Rec room was passed in (for them) rare comfortable silence. As they turned the last corner Sideswipe hurried ahead to snag the best place on the couch, but suddenly stopped right in front of the door. Sunstreaker was just about to ask what was going on, but Sideswipe held up a hand, urgently gesturing his brother to be silent and then beckoning him to come closer. Perplexed, the yellow Lamborghini did as he was instructed and snuck quietly up to his twin. And when he did, he immediately understood.

There were voices coming from the Rec room which usually was deserted at this hour. UNKNOWN voices.

"Didn't we agree to wait til Boss gets here?"

"He should've been here a breem ago. And I'm hungry!"

The Lamborghinis exchanged a surprised look. That sounded almost like... a femme?

"At least he could reach the buttons."

"I could reach them too, if you'd only stop squirming!"

"You're heavy!"

"Am not! And I'm getting yours too, so stop whining and hold still! I almost... Awright!" the last exclamation was punctuated by the click and whir of the energon dispenser activating.

Sunstreaker had heard enough. He jerked his head towards the door and held up three fingers. Sideswipe nodded in understanding and, on a mental count to three, they opened the door and burst in.

And promptly froze right inside the door.

In front of the dispenser stood two minibots they had never seen before. Or rather one of the bots, a grey mech, stood, while holding the other, a pastel-colored femme, aloft with his arms wrapped around her thighs. The clatter of an energon cube hitting the floor went unnoticed as four pairs of shocked blue optics locked across the room.

As usual, Sideswipe's vocal producer recovered before the rest of his mental faculties: "Now who the pit are you?"

That broke the spell.

"SLAG!" The minis tried to make a run for it, the femme using the mech for a launching platform to leap on a nearby chair and from there on a table. The mech tried to make a break for the other direction, but slipped in the puddle of spilled energon. While he was trying to regain his balance, Sideswipe darted forward. He threw himself down and slid across the floor with his own momentum, catching the mini between one servo and the wall.

Sunstreaker made a grab for the femme, but at the last moment she tucked her small frame into a ball, rolling to dodge the first swipe and dashed towards the open door. The yellow frontliner, recognizing the feint, moved to follow, but then quickly shifted his weight when the minibot leaped left, and simply planted his pede in front of her. The small femme slammed right into his leg and fell to the ground, stunned.

"Good move, Sunny." Sideswipe was climbing on his pedes, the struggling grey mini held securely in one servo.

"Thanks." Sunstreaker bent down to pick up his own catch. 

The Lamborghinis took a moment to study their captives. The mech seemed to have tired himself out and was now trying to crane his neck to get a look at the femme, who was slowly coming around.

"Primus, they're fragging tiny."

The little mech's engine gave a testy rev (which actually sounded more like a mechanic chirp, because of his size) and he rolled his optics. "Marvelous. Would you like a medal or a commendation for your powers of observation?"

"Hey!" Sunstreaker smirked as Sideswipe scowled at the little mech. "You sure it's smart to mouth off someone who's big enough to hold you in one servo?"

"Leave him alone you big dumbaft!"

All three mechs turned to the femme, who was now sitting on Sunstreaker's servo, scowling at the red twin, but, smartly, not making any moves to try and escape.

"We were just minding our own business when you barged in like Stunticons into a free-for-all!"

"Now listen you... Wait a nanoklick..." the yellow twin lifted the little femme to optic level and poked at the plating on her abdomen with one finger.

"Wha- Hey! Do you mind!?" the pastel mini squirmed.

"I've seen that shade before." Sunstreaker growled darkly and leveled a glare at her. "You're the one who's been messing with my paints."

"S-so?" the femme redoubled her squirming. "Let me go!"

"Sunny..." Sideswipe started, but was cut off by his brother's snarl as he shifted his grip, trying to hold the minibot in place.

"Hold still you little glitch, and I'll teach you-"


Both Lamborghinis whipped around and the minis let out a joint gasp or relief and joy.



Indeed, the yellow spy was standing in the doorway, a look of pure horror etched across his face, optics darting between the two frontliners and the minis in their servos, his own making vague grabbing motions as if barely restraining himself from making a grab for the latter two.

"Sunny, Sides, please, I know this looks suspicious and they haven't really done much to earn your trust so far and if they really have been into your things without permission then I perfectly understand hat you're angry but I swear to Primus they don't mean any harm to us they've been working for the Autobots for vorns now and there's and explanation for all this just please please DON'T HURT THEM!"

The twins could only stare at the minibot as the panicked babble wound down with that last exclamation, until the grey mini still held in Sideswipe's servo cleared his vocalizer: "If you're about done, you're kind of crushing a few of my wires. My left pede is going numb. "


"So, let me recap this..." Sideswipe leaned his elbows on the table, watching the three minis sitting across from him. (Or rather, Bee was sitting across from him, with the two smaller ones sitting on the table in front of him.)

"Back in Iacon, you were once taken into the med bay with some minor injury."

"That's right." Bumblebee confirmed, fidgeting a little.

"And while you were there, two other younglings were rushed in, critically wounded. Their sparks were unstable and in an immediate danger of being extinguished, but the medics had no equipment or resources to treat that level of damage at the time."

"Correct." the grey mech, who had been introduced as Lenz, nodded.

"But one of the medics happened to have treated mechs with symbiotes, and suggested that they could transfer the injured bots' sparks into cassette frames, because building those would require less resources and the symbiote bond would help stabilize their sparks."

"Any port in a storm." the teal and lavender femme, Focus, nodded mock-sagely.

"But there was no symbiote available at the moment, so they had to find someone willing to go through such a massive upgrade on a moments notice..." Sideswipe trailed off, his face incredulous.

"... and I happened to be available and willing, yes." Bumblebee finished with a nervous chuckle. "It was a Pit of and overhaul too, and me being a mini everyone half expected to run into some kind of complications, but in the end everything worked out." He patted Lenz fondly on the back and brushed a servo over Focus' helm, both of his cassettes leaning into the caresses with little sounds of contentment.

Sunstreaker, who had been silent through the whole conversation, suddenly let out a huff. "Only you, Bee. Only you." he said, sounding almost fondly amused.

Sideswipe glanced at his brother, but decided to leave it be.

"One question though," he yellow twin continued. "Why keep them a secret from everyone?"

The yellow mini stiffened for an moment and glanced guiltily at his cassettes, but they just smiled and Focus reached to pat his servo comfortingly.

"They're... vulnerable." the spy finally said. "They have next to no armor and only most rudimentary weapons. They can squeeze into cracks and openings the 'Cons wouldn't ever even think of blocking because of their size, but for the same reason they're easily damaged."

He shivered a little, thinking about all the ways even the Decepticon cassettes could harm the two younglings trusted into his care.

"And while I don't like hiding them from the rest of our troops, every bot that knows about them is another chance of someone slipping and the 'Cons finding out."

Apparently giving up some mental battle the yellow mini scooped up his symbiotes and held them to his chestplate, ignoring their weak protests.

"Sunny, Sides, please. You won't say anything, right? They're... they're like younger siblings to me. We've been through so much together..."

Sideswipe exchanged a glance with his twin and then reached across the table lay a hand on the spy's trembling shoulder with a smile.

"Our vocals are sealed."

Bumblebee vented a sigh of relief and allowed the cassettes to climb back on the table, smiling at their crumbling about 'not helpless' and 'overprotective glitch'.

Sunstreaker tipped his helm, speculative look in his optics. "A micro cassette player. Bet'cha the the 'Cons never even thought of that."

Focus brightened at his words. "Micro? I like that. Maybe we should call ourselves micros from now on!"

Lenz shrugged. "Better than being called 'mini minis' or some variant of that."

"Awww, but that would be so cute." Sideswipe cooed before hastily ducking out of the way of an empty energon cube the newly dubbed micro chucked at him.

"But you know..." Sideswipe continued with a grin. "We just might have to borrow them the next time we're putting together a prank just for the Hatchet."

"Unwise move. As the CMO, Ratchet naturally knows about us. In fact, he was one of the medics who helped modify us into this form." Lenz pointed out.

Bumblebee frowned. "You are NOT roping them into your mischief, you got that?"

"Yeah, no deal, Red." Focus crossed her arms.

"Not even if I promise to let you borrow my paints?" the yellow twin suggested slyly. Focus glanced at the Lamborghini but quickly turned away again.

Sensing a weak spot the frontliner upped the stakes. "Teal really isn't the best color for you, you know. Maybe... ice blue, rather."

The little femme opened her mouth, then quickly snapped it shut and resolutely turned her back. But Sunstreaker could see her shoulders trembling and smirked.

"Tell you what, you give us a hand and I tell you where Mirage and Tracks hide the really good wax."

Very slowly, the micro femme turned around and extended a servo.

"I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Bumblebee and Lenz facepalmed in perfect synch while the twins high-fived each other underneath the table.


A/N: Yeah, it was supposed to be just short drabble about Bee and the micros, but then the twins sneaked in and took over. Bother.

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I love it, it's funny and clever, and explains why someone who's bright yellow and friendly is a spy...
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